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Agility and innovation power should not be left to chance. Training and consulting may enable a systematic development of these competitive advantages. 

It is important to consider not only the what but also the how. Through the professional design of learning and consulting processes, theory can be successfully put into practice.

Public Training

Public courses are publicly announced and open to a general audience. They are deployed only when the minimum number of attendees is reached. Since the attendees of public courses have different backgrounds and knowledge, the discussion tends to be broad and covers various topics and scenarios. Besides reaching the learning objectives set by the course itself, attendees can benefit from diverse experiences.

Private Training

Organizations / companies can also book a private class just for their employees. Private classes are the preferred choice when the organization needs to educate more employees or whole teams at once. The most important benefit of such classes is the joint practical experience the whole team goes through at the same time, adopting Scrum foundations with all facts and terminology. Additionally, when entire teams attend the course, the discussion can be better tailored to their everyday challenges and issues.

Applying Professional 

Deepen your Scrum skills through hands-on learning! 
This 2-day training is aimed at (future) Scrum users who want to deepen and expand their Scrum skills.

Professional Scrum 
Product Owner

How do you maximize the value of products? 
This 2-day training is aimed at (future) Product Managers, Product Owners and everyone who is responsible for the success of a product.

Professional Scrum 
Product Owner – Advanced

How to master the stances of a Product Owner? 
This 2-day training is aimed at experienced Product Owners who want to deepen and expand their product management skills.

Pricing for the APS and PSPO training

Early bird price per participant is 1,428 € (net 1,200 €) up to 4 weeks before start of class 
Regular price per participant is 1,547 € (net 1,300 €).
Discount for multiple participants in one registration: 

  • 10% for up to 4 participants
  • 15% from the 5th participant
  • 20% from the 8th participant
  • 25% from the 11th participant

The same discounts apply to private classes with a minimum of 6 participants. 

Dates for Public Training


Public Training

All classes are conducted live virtually. Online training is just as effective as on-site training because it thrives on exciting practical examples, exercises and many opportunities to work together and exchange ideas. The following tools are used: 

  • Zoom for video conferencing with breakout rooms for small group work
  • Mural as a digital whiteboard to work on the exercises together

Another advantage of virtual German-language training is that participants typically come from all parts of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. This creates an international cross-industry exchange.
The English-language trainings bring together participants from all over Europe, for example in the past we had participants from Germany, Denmark, England, Romania and Austria.

After class, the participants receive extensive training documents and the whiteboards that have been created, which enables an effective follow-up.

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