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About Us

As enthusiastic entrepreneurs, we bring in-depth knowledge and experience in agile product development, training and consulting to the table. This combination enables sustainable success in putting theory into practice. 

Martina Lünzmann

Martina is a pragmatic agile practitioner with 360° experience in product development and a wealth of experience from her roles as a Product Owner, agile coach/Scrum Master, Design Thinking coach, Quality Manager and software developer.

For more than 20 years, she has successfully transformed processes and practices to foster innovation and optimize effectiveness of organizations with up to 25.000 employees. She strongly believes that the hallmark of any true agile transformation is making customers and employees happy.

Having worked with C-level leaders of Europe’s highest valued software company (SAP), Martina enjoys collaborating with people across global organizations. Exposure to all levels of organizations from decision-makers to Scrum Teams has given her deep insights into the needs of different roles and has made her most effective in her training, coaching and consulting. 

Martina is a Professional Scrum Trainer at and is certified as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Software Developer and Agile Leader, as well as in Kanban, Scaling Scrum, Scrum with User Experience Design and Facilitation Techniques.


The AIMbetter team cares about making customers happy.

Dennis is responsible for the IT infrastructure so that everything runs smoothly.

Rebecca handles creative writing and marketing.

Martin's focus is on customer relationship management and administration.


Each context is different and therefore requires individual solutions. Our aim is to enable people sustainably to apply the new skills to their unique situation and thus continuously grow.

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