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Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced

Training Overview

How to master the stances of a Product Owner? 

This 2-day training is aimed at experienced Product Owners who want to deepen and expand their product management skills.

The participants learn how a Product Owner can successfully cover all facets from the idea to the delivery of a product. No previous knowledge in software development is required, only

  • practical experience with Scrum and 
  • ideally at least one year of experience as a Product Owner or Product Manager.
  • taking a PSPO class is recommended, but not mandatory.

This is an official training that optimally prepares the participants for the globally recognized "Professional Scrum Product Owner II" (PSPO II) certification. The training fee includes one to two free attempts for the "PSPO II" certification, and a 40% discount on the "PSPO III" certification.

Training Details

Successful product ownership is challenging. To master it, it is essential to adopt different stances. You will learn the stances and how to master them:

Customer Representative
Focus on understanding customers' problems, challenges and opportunities  


Communicating the product's vision, opportunities and potential product growth in a way that encourages a shared understanding 

Focus on innovation, testing hypotheses and validating assumptions to fuel product innovation and growth 

Communicating with and influencing stakeholders, customers and the Scrum Team in order to achieve a common goal   

The search for new ideas, contributions and feedback from others are in the center of attention 

Decision Maker 
Focus on the maximum impact of your own actions by making clear decisions  

In addition to the different stances and how to can use them in a goal-oriented manner, you will learn

  • many modern product management practices, and
  • techniques and methods on how a Product Owner can maximize the value of a product 

You leave the training with a clear understanding of agile product management to successfully continue your journey as a Product Owner in your company. 

The training is held in German with learning materials in English.

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