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Applying Professional Scrum

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Training Overview

Deepen your Scrum skills through hands-on learning!  

This 2-day training is aimed at 

  • Professionals who are part of a team that currently uses Scrum, but desire a refresher so that they get the most out of their use of Scrum. 
  • Professionals who are joining a team that currently uses Scrum.
  • Professionals that are part of an organization that intends to use Scrum in the near future.
  • Professionals that are investigating to see if Scrum makes sense for them
  • Professionals who would like to learn how to work with Scrum users 

In today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous VUCA world, it is a competitive advantage when (future) Scrum users deepen and expand their Scrum competencies.  

The training offers an active learning environment with discussions, team-based exercises and individual reflection. During the training, participants work in Scrum Teams over a series of sprints, i.e. they deepen their Scrum knowledge using Scrum.

This is an official training. The participants are optimally prepared for the globally recognized "Professional Scrum Master I" (PSM I) certification. The training fee includes one to two free attempts for the "PSM I" certification, and a discount on the "PSM II" certification

Training Details

A lively mix of lectures, discussions, team-based exercises and field reports make this training entertaining and effective. The trainer Martina Lünzmann has more than a decade of practical experience as a Scrum user and likes to talk about her wealth of experience.  

The training is held in German with learning materials in English.

Learning Objectives

  • Reflecting on elements, rules and principles of Scrum and applying them to your own practice
  • Differentiate Agility and Scrum from traditional plan-driven working models
  • Identifying opportunities to increase agility in your own working environment
  • Enjoy applying Scrum 
  • Identifying common pitfalls in order to avoid them


  • Scrum fundamentals and principles 
  • Exploring the Scrum framework 
  • Planning with Scrum
  • Investigating how to get started or tune up Scrum in your own working environment 

In order to get the maximum benefit from the training, it is worth investing a few hours in advance to familiarize yourself with the following content

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